Our Current Road Program Success

Our Current Road Program Success

Airmont is currently on track to have 5% of our Village roads repaved each year.  There are approximately 36 miles of road in the Village.  The life expectancy of a road is about twenty years.  A successful program is one that replaces all roads at the end of their life expectancy.

Before Philip Gigante was appointed to the Board, there were barely any street improvements being done.  In 2013, approximately eight tenths of a mile was paved.  Seeing the need to establish a plan, a guide to the Village’s road conditions was requested of the Village engineer.  The report can be found below.

Having the report gave the Board a better handle on the condition of the Village roads and how to efficiently go about repaving them.  In 2014, the Village repaved roughly 1.6 miles of our roads.  This year we will probably be able to repave closer to 1.7 miles of road.  If oil prices stay this low, we may even hit our goal of repaving a full 1.8 miles.

It is imperative to the Village residents that Philip Gigante’s forward thinking and established programs are allowed to continue.






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