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Write the Wrong!!

Today is a sad day for those who believe in our system of Democracy, and trust that when you do the right thing, Justice prevails. Unfortunately, that was not the case today, and faced with this gross injustice, we voluntarily decided to withdraw our names from the election ballot in Airmont. Airmont voters have
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Local Paper/Blog is publishing fake news. The Rockland County Times published an incredibly reckless story on February 7th that the Village had settled a multi-million dollar fine for one hundred dollars without even checking with Village officials if the story was true. It isn’t. Sadly, the inaccurate reporting
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Preserve Airmont petitions are in!! Election time is upon us!! The petitions and palm cards are in. We will be out distributing petitions to those of you who so graciously volunteered to collect signatures for us. We are so privileged to have the honor to serve this wonderful Village of ours and thank you all […]
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2019 Budget

     Your Preserve Airmont team has once again responsibly balanced the budget as we promised we’d do when we were elected. View it here. The good news is that for a third year in a row, there is no increase in taxes, however, that doesn’t mean balancing the budget wasn’t met with difficulty and […]
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