Responsibility Platform Promise

Responsibility Platform Promise

The Preserve Airmont party is primarily concerned with neighborhood preservation but they also believe keeping taxes low is equally important. Mayoral candidate Trustee Philip Gigante, with Trustee candidates, Paul Marchesani and Anthony Valvo, understand that not only do residents want taxes kept in check, they also want to see all of their hard earned dollars spent responsibly.  The Preserve Airmont team will continue to keep taxes low while making sure each resident gets the top quality services they expect.

Municipalities are faced with the difficult task of trying to do more with less.  An efficient way of achieving this goal is by frequent bidding of Village service contracts.  During his time in office, Trustee Gigante was involved with rebidding the road maintenance contract and snow contract, reflecting thousands of dollars in savings.  He also insists on receiving specifications and multiple bids for all projects.  The Preserve Airmont party will continue this efficient form of government spending.

Governments must also spend money responsibly and on projects the residents can deem beneficial.  Money spent on capitol road improvements not only yields immediate results but improves the overall aesthetics of the neighborhood, adding to home values.  Under the purview of Trustee Gigante, the Village is now on track to achieving its goal of repaving five percent of the roads per year.  The Preserve Airmont party is making it a point to achieve this goal and bolster property values while doing so.

On March 18th, vote Preserve Airmont to wisely and responsibly use your hard earned money to preserve  the Village of Airmont.

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