Preservation Platform Promise

Preservation Platform Promise

The Preserve Airmont party, composed of Airmont Trustee Philip Gigante running for mayor and Paul Marchesani and Anthony Valvo running for Trustees, is primarily concerned with what is considered by most Airmont residents to be the top pressing issue, preservation of their neighborhoods.  On March 18th, Airmont voters will be faced with the very important decision of electing the next mayor and two trustees to best secure the future of Airmont.  Each Preserve Airmont candidate moved to Airmont to enjoy the beautiful characteristic of single family neighborhoods with open space for their children to play.  It is important to have an efficient building department and strong code enforcement in order to maintain the quality of life the residents expect.

The building department is a municipality’s foremost means in preserving neighborhood characteristics and assuring that all construction meets the minimum standards of structural and fire safety.  Elected officials must allow their departments to do their jobs and ensure that their jobs are done effectively.  The Preserve Airmont Party vows to support the building department through, among other ways, careful crafting of new laws and redrafting of outdated laws to foster the department’s efficacy.  Philip Gigante’s real estate law background will play a crucial role in that service.

Most homeowners spend countless hours and hard-earned money on upkeep for their homes.  No one wants to walk outside to see illegal structures, unsafe conditions or garbage and neglect on their neighbor’s property.  Not only does it look terrible, but these violations bring down the values of the homes surrounding the offending properties.  The code enforcer is responsible for intervening when necessary, bringing infractions to the homeowner’s attention and issuing fines when efforts to correct have failed.  Preserve Airmont will broaden the scope of code enforcement by adding additional enforcement at night and on weekends.

On March 18th, vote the Preserve Airmont line to preserve your way of life.  Let’s keep Airmont a wonderful place to live.

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