Statement by Trustee Marchesani

Statement by Trustee Marchesani

     My name is Deputy Mayor Paul Marchesani. The Village of Airmont needs your help. We need you and your fellow village residents to come out to Ramapo Town Hall on Tuesday March 21st to Vote Row “A” for Peter Blunnie, Kevin Warbrick and Anthony Benedict. These are the candidates that your current Airmont Board of Trustees are supporting.

     If we want to maintain the character of this village, it is imperative that Peter, Kevin and Anthony get elected. The current trustees that are seeking re-election, Ralph Bracco and Dennis Cohen, have been nothing but a thorn in the side of every administration they have been a part of in this village. They impede progress and routinely slow our village government to a grinding halt when they don’t get their way instead of making suggestions or working to find common ground. Now more than ever, this village government needs the drive and professionalism that Ralph and Dennis have lacked over the last 25 years in Airmont government. This village cannot continue to run this way. There have been one too many lawsuits that Ralph and Dennis have been linked to in the course of their tenure. Ralph and Dennis refuse to evolve as village leaders and are directly responsible for the current state of the village.


     Peter, Kevin and Anthony are here to move the village forward so we as a board can be successful with providing the village the best possible services.  As a village we need to continue to elect and support like minded individuals onto this board so that Airmont remains a great place to live and raise a family. We have just days left before the election. We are asking all of you to please reach out to everybody you know within the village and ask them to reach out to everybody they know within the village and encourage them to get out on March 21st to vote Blunnie, Warbrick and Benedict on

Row “A”.

Thank you,


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