Why you should vote for Gigante, Marchesani, and Valvo

Why you should vote for Gigante, Marchesani, and Valvo

     While making phone calls today I came across someone that asked me why she should vote for us. As I was rattling off all of our accomplishments over the last 4 years I got to thinking…in the midst of injustice, the important things need to be highlighted so we know just what is at stake.

     We have a new comprehensive plan. Along with the streamlining and clarifying of the existing zoning code it allows for the implementation of the overlay zone that is going to control smart growth in the Airmont business district and encourage modern development. We addressed dozens of issues brought up by many residents through the years, including, the no-knock law, the tree law, the speed hump resolution, increased building fees, overnight parking year round and a host of others. We paved 40% of the Village roads and the Village Hall parking lot. We increased the aesthetics of the Village including the Welcome to Airmont installation and encouraging development of the property behind Sutter’s. Panera will be opening at the old Friendly’s later this year.

     We refinanced the Village bond saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Village received an S&P “AA” rating. Our Village budget has had 0% increases over the last 3 years yet services remain at the highest levels. We were granted money to install the Village Hall generator and are in the final stages of the grant to renovate the second floor. Property values increased over 27% since we took office.

     We live stream all Village, Planning, and Zoning Board meetings on Youtube. We have held events for the children, contests for house decorating contests, and honored local students for their academic achievements. The trustees are also head of the numerous Village committees formed to increase resident involvement in governmental decisions.

     Looking forward we expect to accomplish so much more, including, development of outdated properties such as the area that used to be the old Grand Union, improving the safety and over-congestion of route 59 and Airmont rd. Converting all Airmont streetlights to energy saving LED lights. More road paving and further financial separation from the Town of Ramapo. Increased community involvement through cultural community events, concerts, food truck festivals, and “mayor for a day” experience.

     Then, this evening, I received mailers from our opponents. And while I was curious to see what ideas they had that we hadn’t already achieved it became apparent that there were no ideas proposed or offered. I saw no vision for Airmont. No regard for the issues all Airmont residents put first in their lives. Only petty excuses for stealing your election and tired rhetoric of those with no ideas.

     So as I think back to this afternoon and to that wonderful woman who promised she would vote for Preserve Airmont, I think the question she should have asked was “why shouldn’t I vote for you?”

– Mayor Philip Gigante

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