Illegal School dismisses case against the Village

Illegal School dismisses case against the Village

     Airmont Residents have one less frivolous lawsuit to deal with now that Central UTA of Monsey has dismissed all claims with prejudice against the Village. In summary of this case, in 2018 the Village discovered, through Central UTA’s admission, that the school located at 236 Cherry Lane was operating illegally. The Village attempted to have the illegal school go to the Planning Board to become legal. This ever so basic process that everyone in New York State must follow was met with resistance and ultimately a lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that forcing the school to go through the planning process was discriminatory, violated the school’s civil rights, and violated RLUIPA. After more than two years of wasting time, the school has dropped its case against the Village and is going through the planning process to become legal.

     So basically nothing happened and Central UTA has to go through the very process that was the basis of their lawsuit.

     Luckily, the Village has insurance against this type of lawsuit and the residents did not have to pay a dime. Also, the residents can rest easy knowing that the school must go through the proper procedure to become legal. Proof that Airmont laws do not discriminate against anyone. 

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Read the dismissal here.

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