Proposed Airmont Legislation Public Hearing August 23rd at 7pm Ramapo Town Hall

Proposed Airmont Legislation Public Hearing August 23rd at 7pm Ramapo Town Hall

I know you are not used to anyone on the Board keeping you in the loop and I know it isn’t my job now but I feel obligated to at least try to communicate with the residents of Airmont. It is blatantly obvious that those in control wish to keep as many people in the dark as possible. Cupon Airmont is doing a wonderful job letting people know what is going on and is very responsive. Please show them your support as they will need as many resources of possible to pay the lawyers for the inevitable article 78 that will have to be filed.

There are a slew of proposed laws set for a hearing on Monday August 23rd at 7pm. Please come out to voice your opinion.

I will post them one at a time so you can read through them. The first law they would like to change is the overnight parking law. They want to go back to the old way of no overnight parking from November to April (daylight savings). I am still a staunch advocate that we should not allow cars to park for nights on end year round and quite frankly, they have no real reason to change this law other than sheer spite. I prefer to keep the streets safe for children year round.

This change is the most ridiculous change regarding noise. These 2 laws ban all noise making devices on the weekends. No lawn mowing, no landscapers (good luck controlling people’s business), no snow blowing (if it snows Friday night you can’t clear your snow till Monday at 10am), no power tools of any kind (don’t use a drill to hang that picture!!). I can’t see the point of this because at first it bans all power tool use and then says the word “unreasonable” without defining the word. So if it snows, and everyone is using their snow blowers, is that not unreasonable? Terribly written.

I wonder if anyone with tree knowledge (or municipal knowledge) was consulted for this tree law? There are so many things wrong with it that it is not enforceable. If they wanted to limit the law to trees removed within 15 feet of the property line they could have just added that 1 sentence to the current law. Instead, as written they are at best making the tree law worse in Airmont or at worst putting in this unenforceable one. There might as well be none.

This next law is being repealed because the current Board members got caught doing exactly what this law is meant to prevent and they will not be able to point to a legitimate reason to repeal it.

We have a law that if you close up your garage and turn it into living space you have to make a new garage on your property to keep the same amount of spaces. I personally have no opinion on this as it doesn’t bother me either way. When I was on the Zoning Board I don’t think we denied 1 application to convert a garage without adding a new one. It is a large homeowner expense and if you decrease the value of your property by not having a garage that is your business.

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